"This is NOT a cookie cutter

weight loss program. I have developed a program customized to each patient's needs and goals to get them healthy again. One of the many benefits of this programs for clients wanting to lose weight is by getting healthy again, 

patients lose the unhealthy weights." 

~Dr. Prado

"You can do anything for 40 days, and you do it one good habit at a time." ~ Michelle H. 

Meet Dr. Prado, PSc.D

Dr. Genene Prado practices functional, whole body weight loss and wellness in Cedar Park, TX.  Dr. Prado is the Founder and Clinic Director at A Healthy Thin You. Her doctorate is in chiropractic with post graduate education and specialty in Functional Endocrinology, Functional Blood Chemistry, Functional Medicine, Neuromodulation, Bio Cranial Therapy, BioCranial Technique and Emotional release techniques.

"It's really a wellness plan with the built in perk of losing a lot of weight.  I'm amazed that I can now eat 2000 calories a day and not gain a pound. At the age of 59, it was closer to 700 calories a day before Dr. Prado's Weight loss and Wellness program.  I have energy now, my aches and pains are gone, my allergies are gone, almost off blood pressure meds and look forward to losing more weight and remaining healthy now that I've got the tools to know how. Dr. Prado and the rest of the staff have been awesome and helpful whenever I had a question or problem.  If you want to look good and feel good, this is the program for you and you owe it to yourself to try it!" ~Ellie

"Once I made the investment and saw immediate results I was hooked.  I was able to follow all of the rules and enjoy what I was eating.  At no point was I tempted to cheat.  I started getting compliments left and right and was so happy with myself! The greatest part is that it is now almost two months later and I have kept the weight off with no additional effort.  I learned so many valuable lessons and tidbits throughout the program that I have truly learned how to manage my weight." ~Mandi H. 


"I turned 59 years old this year.  I got to a point in my life where I no longer liked what I looked like or how I felt.  I have had arthritis for many years and have had multiple surgeries including three total joint replacement surgeries.  I was constantly hurting, fatigued, and forget even trying to exercise.  When I thought about weight loss, the first thing everyone hears and thinks about are those diets that make you buy their food.  WOW what a business!  That type of diet does NOT change your eating or cooking habits.  So, I went to see Dr. Prado.  I made the commitment and was determined I could do this.  With this weight loss program and the great supportive staff I lost a great amount of weight in 40 days! While the weight loss is different for everyone I will tell you that if you will take the challenge you can be amazed at the results.  The most amazing aspect is that I have been in the “Remain Phase” since July and have maintained my weight loss." ~Kim J.